Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Trailers for Fall TV Shows: Supergirl and Angel From Hell

Supergirl   Scheduled to air Mondays on CBS at 8 PM EST

This Supergirl trailer is really being hyped up but all I can see when I look at this is a bad parody of The Devil Wears Prada. I am so disappointed with this trailer because I was hoping this show was going to be something truly out the box amazing instead it's more like that SNL Black Widow parody movie.

This feels like a joke but not in a funny way. Well, at least I have Agent Carter to look forward to in the Fall. I had held off from talking about this show until it was actually picked up. I was really excited when they announced that Supergirl was going to be turned into a TV series. However, this trailer just makes the show look cheesy.

I hope the show is better than this trailer but I don't think I will be watching.

A show I do plan on watching is Angel From Hell.

Angel From Hell  Scheduled to air Thursdays on CBS at 9:30 PM EST

This show looks really funny and interesting and I'm really looking forward to watching it. Something different, can't wait. I like how it makes you wonder if she really is her guardian angel.


PrincessFanGirl said...

I'm not sure what to think about that Supergirl trailer except for WTF.

This can not be what they think we want for a superhero show.

Book Girl said...

I completely agree with you, this is not at all how I thought this show was going be.

This is like a bad Ugly Betty/The Devil Wears Prada parody meets comics.